All life and human sustainability is intimately connected to the health of our soils and plants
OMRI approved

Soil Balance is approved for use in USDA certified organic food production by OMRI

Approved for use in USDA organic agriculture
Soil Balance

Soil Balance is an organic plant and soil probiotic designed to create healthy soils for healthy people and planet. It provides potted plants, gardens and large scale agriculture a thriving living soil system.

How to use

Human benefit

Human Benefit

Soil Balance helps you feed your very own microbiome by increasing the nutrient density of our food!

Soil Balance provides plant roots with a probiotic digestive system at populations you would find in a healthy natural soil.

Higher amounts of trace nutrients in your food, like zinc and iron, are nutrients that feed the different strains of probiotics in us! Flavorful nutrient dense food is the future.

Earth benefit

Earth Benefit

Healthy soil filled with CO2 equals a healthy climate. Did you know that as plants sequester carbon from the atmosphere they turn it into sugars and carbohydrates that come out of their roots?

Our plant and soil probiotics are just like us, they love to eat sugars and carbohydrates, as if their life depends on it! As they eat these "root exudates" they bind and store the carbon in the soil where it belongs.

Water conservation

Water Conservation

Soil Balance soil probiotics help plants regulate being watered too much and helps them become more drought resistant.

Soil Balance probiotics are saprophytic, which means they break down and digest carbon in the soil and turn it into humus. This is similar to what an earth worm does.

Humus can hold 80% of its own weight in water. Soil Balance plant probiotics create humus all over a plants roots. Soil with a high amount of humus and carbon, purifies our water and retains moisture for longer periods of time.

Plant health

Plant Health

Soil Balance induces the hyper mineralization of soils, soil aggregates, and their nutrients. Basically, soils and their vitamins become hyper plant available.

  1. High populations of soil and root probiotics keep plants from having as many health issues, making gardening easier.
  2. The increased nutrient density improves flavor, smell, and shelf life.
  3. A highly biologically active soil system is the way nature intended it.
  4. Improved plant health makes it easy to grow organically, increasing the expansion potential of USDA certified organic food production.

How does it work?

Soil Balance contains soil & root microbes that plants co-evolved with in nature. Microbes that exist to support and give towards the health of their host plant.

Soil Balance microbes compost the soil or potting medium they are added to. They turn carbon and organic material, in the soil and on the roots of plants, into humus. Humus is considered the highest quality soil structure on Earth. Soil Balance creates humus all over the roots of plants. Humus is very rich in minerals. A high amount of probiotics on the roots of plants keeps roots white and healthy for more fine root hair development, this allows plants to absorb more nutrients for a better flavor and aroma. Nutrient dense food is the future.

A healthy soil can contain over 10 billion probiotic microbes in a single gram.

Many soils and potting mediums contain extremely low amounts of beneficial microbes. Soil Balance gives you more microbes for your money than many leading competitors

  • Soil Balance - 4.63 Billion
  • Compost Tea - ~500 Million
  • Leading Competitors - ~800 Million
10 grams makes 100 gallons

10 grams of Soil Balance creates 100 gallons of organic microbial tea for plants. Treats up to
1,000 plants


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