The plant and human connection

Soil Balance contains high populations of naturally occurring soil and root probiotics, which enhance and increase the fine root hairs of all plants. Think of a plant's fine root hairs as the villi hairs in our intestines, which help our bodies absorb nutrients. Soil Balance supports a future where plants taste and smell unbelievably good!! Nutrient dense food supports evolution.

We believe that human health, human intelligence, and human consciousness can be supported with nutrient dense food. The beneficial microbes in Soil Balance allow your plants to dramatically increase trace nutrient absorption, similar to how our microbiome supports us. Yes, it works to improve the absorption of major nutrients like calcium and magnesium, but high amounts of trace nutrients like zinc and iron, feed the human and plant microbiome. In addition, it has been proven that plants with higher amounts of trace nutrients smell and taste much, much better!

Our balance with nature

Soil Balance probiotics live and regenerate on the roots of plants. In combination they create an acid on the surface of the root which dissolves nutrients into a particle size that the fine root hairs can absorb. They additionally compost all forms of organic carbon and hyper mineralize the soil. Soil Balance microbes innately understand that the health of their host plant is imperative to their sustainability and for those yet to come. It is for this reason that they give to support plant health, in place of only taking from it for their own survival.

Think of what microbes in compost do, or what an earthworm does. Soil Balance microbes create a layer of rich humus compost all over plant roots. They turn carbon and nutrients into a substance called humus. Humus stores water, makes nutrients hyper available to the plant, and provides a home for beneficial microbes. So why is this process important to climate balance? A highly biologically active, humus rich soil, is one that can store and retain carbon. As plants sequester carbon from our atmosphere, it is the microbes which bind it to the soil aggregates or sand and rock particles. They turn carbon into a form that is really good for all plant life. Soil Balance probiotics are just one of many plant and soil probiotics that support a natural human function of spreading biology. We invite you to try using a multitude of biostimulants in your soils. At the end of the day, it is the soil physics, temperature, and moisture levels, that will determine what probiotics stay and which ones go.

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A healthy soil can contain over 10 billion probiotic microbes in a single gram.

Many soils and potting mediums contain extremely low amounts of beneficial microbes. Soil Balance gives you more microbes for your money than many leading competitors

  • Soil Balance - 4.63 Billion
  • Compost Tea - ~500 Million
  • Leading Competitors - ~800 Million
10 grams makes 100 gallons

10 grams of Soil Balance creates 100 gallons of organic microbial tea for plants. Treats up to
1,000 plants


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