Soil Balance
1 gram of Soil Balance powder creates up to 10 gallons of probiotic tea. Watch it work for only $5.95!

Soil Balance is a highly concentrated "plant probiotic" that acts as a digestive system which comprehensively increases trace nutrient absorption (Zinc, Iron, Manganese, etc). Trace nutrients are essential to increase the flavor, aroma and color producing compounds in all plants. Soil Balance microbes additionally help regulate over or under watering and fertilizing, making growing plants easier! Approved for use in USDA certified organic food production by OMRI. It is a new era. We believe it all begins with nutrient dense food.

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A portion of our profits goes toward supporting community food gardens, school garden programs, and regenerative agriculture.
"I formally worked as principal scientist in the ag group of one of the largest produce companies in the Salinas Valley. My primary responsibility was conducting experiments on soil health with leafy vegetables and strawberries. Over several years I tested more than 50 microbial commercial products in field and greenhouse studies and saw beneficial results with only 3 of these products. The most beneficial was SEPIXA’s Soil Balance. I saw a 15% increase in yield in field strawberries and about a 50% increase in yield in hydroponic leafy lettuces."